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Monday, January 22, 2007

I got my birthday present tonight!

Ok, its a few days early for my birthday but I got my present tonight and I am so thrilled. I said for my New Years resolution that this year I wanted to learn to make music and now, I have the tool to do so! It is an Ibanez Artcore, hollow body, electric guitar. Click the "enlarge" button to see the transparent blue sunburst model, that's the one now taking up residence in my family room.

I really like this thing! I bought a Marshall amplifier, some picks and an instruction book to go with my new toy. Tomorrow I make the phone calls to find a live instructor.

Tonight I spent an hour playing with this shiny guitar and my laptop and the DVD of instruction. The guitar sounds great but I have got lots to learn! Because its a hollow body it can be played unplugged just fine and I did that most of the time tonight. I did have to plug in in for a few minutes just to hear what it sounded like and it sounds just fine.

Later I'll take a picture or two but for tonight you will just have to be content with the Guitar Center link pictures. And I'm on my way towards being creative! Lest anyone despair, I'm not giving up on becoming a dulcimer player, I'm just branching into a new direction with the expectation that the skills I learn from guitar lessons will carry over to my laptop instrument!

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